FIT Finds – Lunch Obsessed

In honor of National Nutrition month, the FITgals want to discuss the importance of making healthy choices for lunch. Whether you’re stepping away from the office for a quick bite or overwhelmed from the multitude of choices, it can be difficult to navigate your way to your healthiest (but tasty!) options. While there’s always the standard places like Potbelly, Panera, Cosi, etc… let’s talk about some specific-to-DC franchises that we all know and love. Here’s a list of our favs along with our FITpicks from each menu:


Environmentally responsible, Chix specializes in latin-infused cuisine, especially…you guessed it, chicken! With everything ranging from wraps to salads, soups and their special “chop bowls” it’s easy to find a way to enjoy their 100% natural and slow roasted chicken. Chix definitely gives you unique options besides the standard salads and sandwiches!


Chicken with sides of sweet potatoes and black beans with rice

FITpick is the Chix Chicken with a side of sweet potatoes

Taylor Gourmet

This place has definitely taken off fast! A few years ago Taylor only had their H street location and now they have a total of 8 locations across the DMV area. Anyone from the East Coast probably has a natural affinity for this place given their Philly-style hoagies, but their salads are equally amazing (and healthier).


Taylor Gourmet: Prez Obama approved!

  FITpick is the Lanier Park Salad


Le Pain Quotidien

While not just local to DC, this cute little cafe and bakery seems to be everywhere around the city. And for good reason! The simple, fresh ingredients used to make their salads, quiche, and tartines help to create a wonderful meal. Of course, as they are a bakery, the fresh bread is always a treat and the atmosphere works to help you feel like you’re in a quaint cafe.



FITpick is the Organic Quinoa Taboule


Last, but certainly not least, Sweetgreen is one of our favorite destinations for a filling, healthy salad. You can choose from their great menu items or design your own culinary creation. They also offer a new salad every month made with only local, seasonal ingredients.

FITpick is the guacamole greens salad

FITpick is the guacamole greens salad

Happy and healthy lunching!




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