FITLife-In Action

One of the most important aspects of staying FIT & FABULOUS is your diet!

As FITgals we try to pack in as many fruits and vegetables as possible, especially if we know a workout might not be an option that day. Not only does it help your weight and metabolism, but also your skin, hair and nails and who doesn’t want that extra glow factor during these cold winter days!

Check out what the FITgals have been up to this week:

photo (6)

FITmama helps ACR with Corporate Wellness


Look at all that SPINACH!!

photo (4)

FITmama’s baked garlic chicken with  sauteed ginger chicken and mushrooms!


Ingredients for Angie’s morning shake!

photo (1)

FITmama was  busy making baby food… Enough to get through the weekend!

photo (5)

Look at all the Yogis– What’s your lunch workout??

photo (2)

A FITclient’s meal plan for the week!


Saturday morning yoga is Angie’s favorite weekend tradition!

photo (3)

Yummy chic pea salad for lunch!

Hope all of you have a great week!


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