FITmama: I’m Bringing Sexy Back

I’m bringing Sexy Back…
Whether you are married, engaged, or single this Valentine’s Day, it is never too late to bring your Sexy Back!!  I’m going to share my FITgal tips for feeling confident in your own body and getting your glow factor back 🙂
Tip 1: bringing the sleep back! 
Believe me– the last thing I feel in the morning when I wake up is “sexy!” Usually it’s sleep deprived, already late, engorged, and in pain from a throbbing low back.  After about 240 nights of fragmented 2-4hrs of sleep… Yep thats right!  I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore… And I had to call for HELP!  I talked to my lovely friend and amazing parent coach, Meghan, and then got my husband on board with a “crying it out” plan.  Mamas– I didn’t believe it would work (for my child) but it only took 3 nights and my little baby (who I thought just didn’t like to sleep) now sleeps 10-12 hours!! It honestly has changed my mood, my motivation, and my mothering!  I’m more alert (obviously!), more patient, and more willing to take time for myself… Hence I feel “sexier!” 
Tip 2: bringing sexy back… Yes literally! 
Obviously we know how this works, because it got us all here in the first place! I hear a lot of Mamas tell me that their bodies have changed after having a baby and they don’t feel “sexy” anymore.  My first response is that you have to show compassion to yourself and LOVE your body for bringing a new life (or two! Or three!!) into the world 🙂 Embrace your new body and celebrate its curves.  Try a Zumba dance party with Latin moves and music to start bringing your sexy back 🙂
Tip 3: bring your sexy backside! 
As a dancer with a so- called ballerina bum, I completely know how to achieve that desired backside for my clients! I’ve heard Mamas say, “help me- lift, tighten, tone up, sculpt, and build” the perfect bum! Now, the worst thing for your tush is to sit all day.  I’m sure you’ve heard “use it or lose it,” right? Well that definitely applies here.  In order to get that Brazilian booty, you need to use it and engage the muscles— aka squeeze your bum.  I tell busy Mamas to do this to their ABS and BUM by just engaging the muscles and squeezing them tight and hold for 10secs and then release (think kegels!).  Repeat as many times as you can remember!!!  It makes a huge difference, because you can do this while driving, standing in line for your latte, at your desk, walking, etc.. You get the idea!
For an extra sweet bonus— 
I’ve included a 30min bum workout to help bring that “sexy” back!
(Perform these exercises 2-3x a week and aim for 2-3 sets)
1. Lunges: stand with your right foot in front and left behind, bend both knees so that you can still see your right toes and almost have your left knee tough the floor. You should feel it in your left quad (front of the leg) and bum! (20x each leg)
2. Squats: stand with feet hip width apart and toes pointing forward. Sit back like you are sitting down on a low chair and then stand back up.  Remember to squeeze every time you stand! (15-20x)
3. Plié: the signature dancer move starts with your feet in a wide second position or think as wide as a yoga mat (with heels on the mat and toes off the mat turned out).  Bend both knees and lower your bum to the floor while keeping your body straight (like you are sliding down the wall).  Keeping your back straight is key to feeling it in your bum and not your back.  As always remember to squeeze every time you straighten back up!! (20-30x)
4. Standing Frog Jumps: you probably did these as a kid and didn’t even think twice about it.  Squat low to the floor (think leap frog) in a deep plié position with arms on the ground holding you up and explode into a jump and reach for the sky! It will get your heart rate pumping and booty burning!! (15-20x)
For best results— remember to REPEAT… All of the above 🙂

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