Plan a FIT date for TWO!

The couple that plays together…

Stays together!

At least that seems to be the case with my husband and I. We have known each other for a VERY long time (no need to mention numbers…) and I have to say one of the biggest keys to our success is staying active together.

Truth be told, we don’t actually have that much in common. He is adventurous, as I am risk averse. He is a swimmer and surfer, I lived in Los Angeles for 4 years and almost never stuck even my toes in the Pacific Ocean (seriously…) He is an avid photographer, and taking pictures pains me.

But, in college (oh shoot…now you at least have a small idea of how long we have known each other), Tom decided to run a marathon. You see, my husband can’t do anything half way.

So, feeling bored and uninspired with the gym but wanting to officially drop those dreaded Freshman 15, he decided to start running…and run he did.  His big goal was to run the New York Marathon.

Never a big runner myself (I preferred step aerobics), I argued, I wouldn’t be very helpful to him on his quest to complete 26.2 miles. He argued back, and said, “even keeping me company on 2 of the 15 miles I have to run would help.”

I am so glad he was patient with me and initially kept a slower pace, because I loved helping him run. (His sister and I even ended up hopping in at the New York Marathon around mile 18 to keep him inspired).

Eventually, I learned to love running myself. We went on to run two half-marathons together. Staying with one another, no head phones, chatting and pushing the other to keep going. It’s not just about doing the activity together but working through it and learning to support each other.

But it is not only running that we do.

We have traveled the globe hiking, trekking up volcanos, zip lining, and paddle boarding. I make him do Yoga and he makes me “play basketball” (quotes = really a game of horse). We ski/snowboard, kayak, play tennis, and ride horses . The point is, we give it a try and we do it together.

We try not to judge where the other person is at, but instead, try to inspire the other person to keep going to reach for their personal best.

This Valentine’s Day, try to think outside the box (of chocolates…) and get out and do something together. It seems to work for us.

Here are two of our FITgals favorite runs in DC: 

images (2)

1. Start in Georgetown and run around the reflector pool and monuments. About 6 miles and a great tour of DC!

Tai Shan first time in Yard 3

2. The National Zoo! It is open to the public early, so run from the Cathedral down to Connecticut and over to the Zoo. We usually take a little longer once inside to see the animals morning feeding. (about 4 miles)


(here is an embarrassing picture from white water rafting in Ecuador!)

FITintheCity xox


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