Girls ONLY Valentines Date!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the FITgals will be sharing their FIT tips this week on how to successfully survive different date night scenarios while staying healthy and feeling confident in your little black dress! Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love with those closest to you, so grab your best girlfriends and celebrate!

FIT tips for a fun GIRLS NIGHT OUT! 

  1. Get ready together- I am not sure what it is about a group of girls all huddled around a mirror, learning how to do their mascara better or deciphering which shoes go great with their outfit. It’s a great way to get in the mood for the evening!
  2. Get dressed up- Come on, let’s be real… we don’t dress up only to impress boys. We dress up for ourselves, because if you look great you feel great! Plus you’re less likely to indulge if you feel confident in your slimming little black dress!
  3. Pick the perfect spot- Try and pick a restaurant that is not only fun and upbeat but will also give you room to sit down and catch up. Having to SHOUT across the table is a quick way to hinder the conversation of the evening.
  4. Menu plan- You can always make a better choice if you are prepared.  Who wants to be the one studying the menu for the “healthy” option when everyone is chatting about their latest news.  Lookup the menu beforehand so that you can have an idea of what you plan on ordering so that you can catch every minute of girl talk and be stress free when it comes to order!
  5.  Put the Phone away- We see it all the time… People out to dinner end up spending more time on their phone texting friends, family or significant others, instead of being present in the moment. So put the phone away, be present, and really catch up and have a good time with your girlfriends!

Friday night, my girlfriends and I made reservations at MintWood Place in Adams Morgan. We met at our friends apartment after work, blared some fun music and got dressed up for our night on the town!

photo (4)

The FITgal motto when eating out is to “Taste everything, but eat nothing.”  So remember to share small plates, pick your sweet fix whether it’s dessert or champagne, and most importantly have fun!!




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