FITLife-In Action

“A smile can brighten the darkest days”- unknown

All this gloomy freezing weather can make it hard to keep your energy and attitude positive, which can really affect your motivation to workout!

Our favorite February tip is to schedule a “FIT date.”

Since Valentine’s is around the corner, the FIT team is gearing up to bring you a week long blog of tips for your “healthy” girls night out, blind date, mama date and romantic V-day dinner!  To keep you motivated this week challenge yourself to schedule a FIT date with a girlfriend, hubbie, or bf. Try signing up for a race, starting a Bootcamp with friends, or maybe scheduling that vacation to a warm destination to get you motivated for bikini weather!!

Whatever you do remember to put on a smile because winter is not here to stay!

Check out what the FITgals have been up to this week:


photo (1)

FITgals night in! Lentil salad, red wine and LOTS of exciting new plans coming up, from the FITteam this year!

photo (2)

FITmama at YogaFIT class with the little guy!

photo (4)

Ingredients in Gaby’s FIT juice!

photo (5)

So proud of one of our FITclients! Stability ball + Work= A Strong Core!

photo (6)

Orzo salad.. Delish!

photo (4)

FITmama Bootcamp! Look at these FITgal’s working so hard!


Cinnamon Smoothie,
for the FITgal with a sweet tooth!

photo (3)

Yummy lunch- Codfish & Potatoes

photo (7)

Ended the week with a Le Pain Tea Meeting! mmmmm

Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to smile and plan a FITdate!


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