Announcing the FITpic CHALLENGE!

Alright FITgals its your turn! 

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We have been sharing the details of our FIT lives with you, for a couple of months and now we want to see what you are up to!

Show us  your yummy FIT salad’s and your favorite new workout gear!

You and your running buddy trying out a new trail or your Sunday yoga ritual!

Whatever you are doing to live up to being a FITgal, we want to see it! 


Send your pictures to and we will showcase them in our FITLife-In Action posts!

Of course, there has to be a prize!

It is a challenge after all… 

At the end of the month, we will highlight the winner in our newsletter ( so don’t forget to subscribe!) and they will win a free buddy training session with one of FitTrition’s trainers!

Bring your boyfriend, husband, besty or Maid of Honor for a workout you won’t forget!

Can’t wait to see what all our FITgals have been up to!


One thought on “Announcing the FITpic CHALLENGE!

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