FIT Life – In Action

“At first glance it may appear too hard, but look again. Always look again.”-anonymous 

With the winter blues taking effect and the chaos of everyday life, even cooking a healthy meal at the end of the day can seem like quite the challenge but remember that it’s always worth the effort once you get started.

The FITgals have been super busy this week but they still found time to cook up some delicious meals and even get outside for a bit of activity!

photo (3)

FITmama made some delicious Quinoa pasta with turkey meat sauce and crunchy kale!

photo (2)

Great way to stay motivated to work out in this cold weather! New January PVbody outfit!

photo (2)

Cold days equal homemade, warm and FIT lentil soup!


Hike with the pups — great way to stay in shape! Liz and Melissa have dogs that force us to get outside even in the cold and move!


It’s fun to get crafty wtih your food! Liz made yummy Quinoa cakes.


Did we mention that we LOVE salads! Chicken beet salad and sweet potato salad! mmmmmmm!


Even though it has been cold, it felt to get outside and keep moving!


Great way to start the day! Angie’s fruit and protein smoothie!

We are excited for February!

The FITgals are getting together tonight to finalize some of the fun things we have in store for you this month!

Stay tuned…


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