Sunday Runday

As most of you know the FITgals have set goals to run this year! Registering for a race comes with training and training is quite difficult in the freezing cold temperatures we have been experiencing.

But.. we don’t let the weather stop us, we bundle up and get out there. Today we are going to share our favorite winter running clothing to help you get out there and keep running despite any snowflake!

FITmama’s Favorites:


Gloves are a must in this weather! FITmama’s favorite gloves to wear are Under Armor  Running Gloves.

They are light, warm and fleeced lined!


Under Armor Cold Weather Running Pants.

They are fashionable and functional and mostly WARM!

Liz’s Favorites: 

Polartec? Power Stretch? Tight - Black

Athleta Polartec Power Stretch Tights

Keep those legs warm, while you get your run on!


Athleta’s Half Mile Hoodie

Pick your favorite color and look cute on your run!

Gabby’s Favorites:


Zella’s Sophia Sculpt Jacket.

Warm and figure flattering. When you look great you feel great!


Lululemon’s Brisk Run Headband

Keeping your ears warm is a “must” on a cold day run!

Don’t let the cold keep you in doors! Bundle up and get out there!


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