FITFollower- New Year or New Era… You Choose!

Now that we’re a month out…how are those resolutions going?

Unlike many of you, I didn’t make a plain old resolution this year.. but a “new era” resolution.

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Since we made it through the predicted “end of the world” in 2012, we have begun a new era and with new eras, begin new traditions!

Mine was to make my personal health-trifecta a habit, which was made up of eating healthy(going vegan) and  exercising and meditating, daily.


Since making my resolutions, I’ve exercised a total of 3 times and have meditated…probably about the same amount.

But.. I’ve been really good about keeping a vegan diet – I haven’t had meat, seafood, or dairy in over one week! (YAY!)

Despite my “falloff” with the other two goals, I’m really proud of myself with my efforts to be vegan.

So does that mean I’ve sabotaged my “New Year Resolutions”? …Far from it.

With the New Era Resolution comes a different mindset.


It no longer follows the old New Year Resolution pattern of – “Oh, I already broke it, so might as well quit.”

Instead, this mindset encourages you to embrace these goals as long-term ones.

What exactly does that mean?

It means, if I go a day without doing my exercises, I don’t call it quits. I do it when I find the next available opportunity, and am proud that I’m doing what I can.

It means I don’t give myself an internal lecture if I eat meat—I acknowledge that I’m trying in the long-term, and it’s ok to slowly transition into these changes.

It means that when I don’t make the time to sit down for ten minutes and meditate, I still have the desire to keep trying to do so.

Naturally, you still have to keep tabs on yourself. If one month passes and you haven’t worked on your goals at all, something needs to change. Maybe you need to re-envision your goal, or do something to make it more appealing or more obtainable.


For instance, I  found it extremely difficult to sit down and meditate.  So, I needed to do some re-configuring.

While reading this month’s Yoga Journal, I came across an article about creating your own alter: a place where you go to practice.

I loved this idea!  Since I realized that I was resisting the practice so much, I saw this as a perfect remedy. I made a plan to get a meditation cushion and tangible symbols that represent the aspects I want to embrace and coerce in myself.

Now I am excited about sitting down, in my new space to meditate.


Instead of realizing that I wasn’t completing my new resolution and quitting, I explored different ways of making it more comfortable and obtainable for me.

I have found that the most important thing is to prioritize for yourself, especially when you have multiple goals. You are after all, doing this for the purpose of making you healthier and happier overall.

Create separate plans to obtain your individual goals but remember to keep their common message unified.

If you have given up already, pick back up those resolutions, rearrange your plan and try again!

Welcome to Your New Era!

Love, Monica  a FIT follower


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