FITLife-In Action


There is no doubt about it that winter is finally here.

With the freezing temperatures outside, even the FIT team has to overcome the urge, to stay inside and just snuggle up on the couch!

We overcome this by making plans!

Girls night at a new barre studio, hikes around  the Great Falls and even challenging ourselves to a FIT Cleanse!

We believe the best reward after a tough workout and a cold commute home, is a warm cup of tea and yummy soup!

So next week make some plans, it will help you stay motivated through the chilly week!

Here’s what the FITgals have been up to:

photo (4)

The FIT Cleanse Challenge has begun! Thanks Hawthorne Homemade!


Juice Delivery to our Special Clients!

photo (1)

FitMama’s new obsession with Teavana’s Youthberry!

photo (4)

Angie checked out LAVABarre in Clarendon

photo (2)

Quinoa veggie soup for a post cleanse, winter day! mmm!

photo (6)

Gaby’s hike around the Great Falls!

photo (7)

Angie found this gem at Whole Foods! Coconut Cocoa tea. Satisfies any sweet tooth!

photo (3)

FITmama spent a fun week chasing Jack around indoors! He learned a few new tricks:)

photo (5)

Liz’s homemade cauliflower soup and whole wheat croutons. Yum Yum!


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