FIT in the City–Jewish Style

I am happy to report that I finally did something in DC!!  Woohoo!  This post is a little (well…maybe a lot) over-do because the activity I did was back in the beginning of December, but I wanted to let you know one fun way I snuck in a healthy activity during the holidays.  Instead of stuffing my face with latkes on the first night of Hanukkah (a fried potato pancake that is traditional fare during the 8 night holiday), I worked my Abs by laughing!  Judah Friedlander (of “30 Rock” fame) performed stand-up at the historic synagogue at 6th and I (  Never in my life would I have assumed that a synagogue would open its doors up to such interesting and different types of performances.  The show itself was hysterical and so much fun, but mostly (and why I wanted to let you all know about it even though we went about a month ago) it was great to just have a chance to look at the programing they have coming up in 2013.  From music, to comedy, to authors (the Executive director and CEO happens to be Jonathan Safran Foer’s mom), to Shabbat (!) this synagogue literally offers everything to make a Jewish girl who loves NPR and creative programing kvell (Yiddish for “to beam with pride and pleasure”).  Most of the synagogue’s offerings are totally un-Jew related, so regardless of your religious background, I strongly recommend checking it out.

 FITinthe City

Hopefully this will be the start to many more fun finds for this FitintheCity gal.  In 2013 I should have lots to report; from going to Alvin Ailey at the Kennedy Center, to University of Maryland basketball games (my husband swears they will be good this year…although I am pretty sure he makes that vow every year), to hopefully more shows at the 6th and I Synagogue!  I will keep you all updated so stay tuned and Happy New Year!


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