FIT Finds – Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I’m sure we all rang in 2013 in style (and with lots of champagne. I know I did!) so it’s that time of year again to make some resolutions. Whether it’s trying to eat healthier, exercise more, or switch up any type of routine, keeping a resolution takes work. Here are some great tools you can use to help you stay on track!

Smartphone Apps. Trying to lose weight? Training for a marathon? Manage your finances more efficiently? There’s an app for that! Seriously, there’s a smartphone app for almost everything so use them to your advantage when trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Some great ones to try out are Map My Run for logging your runs, Fitness Pal for tracking your diet, Evernote or Pinterest to be more organized, and Mint to record your finances and make smart spending decisions.

High-Tech Watches. Diet and exercise are the two most common themes for New Year’s resolutions and having a watch that keeps track of the calories your burning, the miles you’re walking, etc. is a helpful and easy way to keep up with your weight loss plan. There’s a wide range of products and functions out there, but the Polar RCX3 or the Garmin Forerunner both pretty much do it all from calorie counting to heart rate monitoring.






New Studio or Gym. Even if fitness is already a part of your daily routine, maybe your resolution is to mix it up and try something new. Well, DC is a great place to be for that! There seem to be new places popping up everyday so take advantage and try one out. Off Road Indoor Cycling recently opened at 905 U Street NW and offers a ton of new and different that combine everything from Pilates, circuit training, TRX, boxing, and of course, cycling!






Cleanse or Detox. Doing a juice cleanse or detox can be a great way to start a diet by ridding toxins from your body. If you’ve never done one before, it may be difficult but you’re in luck because FitTrition has teamed up with Hawthorne Homemade on a juice detox program. Check out our earlier post here to read all about it!



Happy New Year and good luck on sticking to your resolutions!


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