Healthy Super Bowl Snack Ideas

Attending or hosting a Superbowl party doesn’t have to mean greasy, unhealthy foods.

The FITgals are determined to enjoy the game (and the best part the commercials) without consuming the unwanted calories. agrees, and has posted 45 FIT friendly recipes to choose from for the big game.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Quinoa Pizza Bites


Pizza and football go hand in hand, so here is a healthier option, with the same great taste!

Kale Ricotta Dip:


Chips and dips are a staple for game day parties. So make use of your greens to make a deceivingly healthy and delicious dip!

Be careful with the chips though we suggest Way Better Chips that are made up of sprouted grains (you can find them at Whole Foods).

Chicken Chili with Black Beans


Chili is a great recipe that can easily feed an entire party but can be tricky in calories when you start adding so many ingredients.

Plan ahead and use this delicious and health conscious recipe!

For more FIT friendly recipes check out’s Superbowl Recipe article.


Sunday Runday

As most of you know the FITgals have set goals to run this year! Registering for a race comes with training and training is quite difficult in the freezing cold temperatures we have been experiencing.

But.. we don’t let the weather stop us, we bundle up and get out there. Today we are going to share our favorite winter running clothing to help you get out there and keep running despite any snowflake!

FITmama’s Favorites:


Gloves are a must in this weather! FITmama’s favorite gloves to wear are Under Armor  Running Gloves.

They are light, warm and fleeced lined!


Under Armor Cold Weather Running Pants.

They are fashionable and functional and mostly WARM!

Liz’s Favorites: 

Polartec? Power Stretch? Tight - Black

Athleta Polartec Power Stretch Tights

Keep those legs warm, while you get your run on!


Athleta’s Half Mile Hoodie

Pick your favorite color and look cute on your run!

Gabby’s Favorites:


Zella’s Sophia Sculpt Jacket.

Warm and figure flattering. When you look great you feel great!


Lululemon’s Brisk Run Headband

Keeping your ears warm is a “must” on a cold day run!

Don’t let the cold keep you in doors! Bundle up and get out there!

FITLife-In Action

Alright, we thought last week was cold but this week is much colder!

With snow and freezing temperatures all around, it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation, adventure or retreat! Fix those winter time blues with dreams of sun and warm weather!

Whether you are traveling to Costa Rica on a surfing expedition, a yoga retreat in Mexico, or beach bumming in the Caribbean, fun in the sun is a great way to detox from our daily lives and rejuvenate, refocus, and redefine our goals for the New Year!

FITmama is already way ahead of us!

Sending us sun and warm vibes from Puerto Rico this week!

Check out how she is staying FIT & FABULOUS on vacation!

photo (6)

Time to start fresh and relax

photo (4)

Had lots of delicious and nutritious food–like this tuna steak


First boat ride! I think he is lovin it!

photo (3)

Took a walk on the beach.. such a treat for the soul.

photo (2)

Healthy treats even while traveling!

photo (1)

Vacation is a great time to break out of the boring fitness rut! With this view, who wouldn’t want to take a cycling class!

photo (5)

Sending all my FITgals sun and warmth from Puerto Rico!

Have a great weekend!