FITLife-In Action

Being a FITgal during the rush of the holidays, can be a bit hectic!

The trick is, sneaking in quick workouts where you can and learning on the go healthy options! Go for a quick walk, take the baby along with you to your workouts and always eat breakfast.

But most importantly remember to smile and enjoy your time with friends and family. To be a true FITgal, you have to be HAPPY and HEALTHY!

Here is a look at our week!

Athleta event

We started the week off, by hosting our final FIT for the Holidays Event at Athleta in Georgetown.

atleta event

Liz and Gaby, enjoying some of our yummy FIT drinks!

Gaby's Breakfast

Gaby’s festive and delicious, egg breakfast!

sleepless FITMama night...

FITmama had another sleepless night… but how do you say NO to this face?


Liz’s local and seasonal dinner! YUM!

workout w- babies

This little kiddo loves coming to work with his FITmama. If you can’t have your own workout time, bring them along!

Blueprint Juices

Blueprint provides delicious juices and cleanses, to detox on the go!


Bundled up and ready for a quick FIT walk!

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Wishing you all a Happy and FIT Holidays!


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