FITLife -In Action

Whew! The FIT gals had a very busy week and it’s not over yet!

Between work, hosting events, appointments, families and friends, it can be quite a task to find time to take care of yourself! Switching up little things can make all the difference.

Here is a look at our week!


Dog walking is great way to get a short walk in.

photo (1)

FITmama made a stop at Dr. Harris with TruCentered Chiropractor Care in Tenleytown

photo 1 (1)

Gaby’s delicious cucumber, celery, apple and pear juice!

photo (2)

Thanks FITmama for homemade baby food. Yum, yum!


Try turning the T.V. off and reading before bed. It calms Liz down from a long day.

photo 1

Remember to really look over the menu at restaurants. Gaby found this gem at a burger place last week in NY. It was delicious!

photo (3)

Sometimes you just need a good glass of vino. FITmama’s Thursday night in!


Prepping for dinner at Liz’s house. So many veggies!


Quick FIT meeting at Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown. We highly suggest the mint tea!


Hosted a FIT Holiday Bootcamp @ Athleta  in Georgetown Thursday night!


Getting ready for our FIT for the Holiday Event this Sunday @ Athleta in Georgetown. Learn how FIT gals, enjoy the holidays without stressing about gaining the holiday weight!

Look for our newsletter out Monday!


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