FIT Finds – Capitol Hill

To kick off our FIT finds neighborhood series, I decided to start with my very own backyard of Capitol Hill.

I’ve lived in this area of DC for almost two years now and I still meet people who have never left the northwest quadrant of the city, except possibly to go to a Nats game. Unless you’re working on the hill, there’s a good chance you’ve never been introduced to all that the Capitol Hill neighborhood has to offer, which is a lot in terms of healthy living. Everything from restaurants, bars, gyms, yoga studios, parks, organic markets, and the list can keep going from there. This area of DC is great place to live and venture out to so here’s a list of some of my favorite spots in the area.

1. Eastern Market. This market is a gem in my opinion. It’s a great place to just go shopping for everything from fresh produce to fresh seafood to flowers, but also a great place to hang out on a weekend during the day or bring out of town visitors. The indoor market is open Tuesday-Sunday, which is where you’ll find all of the regular food vendors. On weekends, outdoor vendors set up shop to sell farm-fresh produce, art, jewlery, furniture, etc. Even just walking around on a Sunday afternoon grabbing free samples of fruit is a great and healthy way to pass some time.


2. St. Mark’s Yoga Center. This yoga studio is part of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and it offers a lot more than just yoga. They offer jazz and ballet classes for adults and children as well. A bonus is they’re more affordable than a lot of other yoga studios in DC. Anything that makes it easier to get my namaste on is good with me!

3. Peregrine Espresso. This cafe now has three locations, but its Capitol Hill storefront is the original. If you like coffee, this place is the real deal.  “Peregrine” means roving/wandering, which makes sense since they have an ever-changing line-up of coffees from around the world. Here’s some fun facts about Peregrine: They were voted #1 Best Iced Coffee in DC by Washingtonian Magazine. Their employees literally compete in barista competitions like the United States Barista Championship. The best part about this place is probably how they provide a delivery service wherein you can pay to have a nice barista drop off a batch of coffee beans (whole or ground) at your doorstep whenever you need. If that doesn’t convince you you’ll get a seriously good cup of coffee here, go to one of the coffee tastings they have.

Eastern Market, Washington D.C.

4. Biker Barre. If you’re looking to take your workout up a notch, skip the yoga and try Biker Barre. As the name implies, they offer intense music-driven cycling and barre classes. Playing on the “barre” part of their name, there’s also a lounge and free Wi-Fi so you can relax, chat with other “bikers,” and update your Twitter about how bad the new cycling class you went to kicked your butt.

5. Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar. A welcome addition to the neighborhood, this restaurant showcases natural and seasonal ingredients found in the Mid-Atlantic region along with American and Italian wines. So not only are they staying local and sustainable, they offer over 100 different wines and ambience that’s great for date night, a party with friends, or even just a quiet Tuesday at the bar with a fabulous glass of wine.

sonoma wine bar

This is just a short list, but should give anyone who hasn’t explored the area a taste of what the neighborhood’s got. Any other Capitol Hill fans out there? Leave any additions to the list in the comments!


FIT gal


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