FITintheCITY: An Affair

I have a little secret.  I am having an affair. I know I shouldn’t.   I should stay faithful.  But it is hard!  It is just so fun and there are so many temptations.  So here it is: the truth.  My name is Liz and I am cheating on DC with New York City.

Before LA, I lived in New York.  I always loved New York, that isn’t why I left, but I definitely felt a need to escape from it at the time I moved.  For me, New York is safe.  My family is there.  My friends are there.  I know my way around (which is saying a lot for I am directionally challenged).  I love the vibe and the energy.  I love the food!  And, perhaps, most of all, I love staying fit in New York.  New York makes it easy.  It is impossible not to walk…a lot.  And, I am always very inspired by my runs.  Central Park (the 6-mile loop goes by in a flash).  Riverside drive – I swear I cover 50 blocks without breaking a sweat.  When I lived in Brooklyn, there was Prospect Park and Dumbo…oh and running over the Brooklyn Bridge!   So if you find yourself visiting New York…hit me up!  I can suggest all kinds of fun things, places to eat, and wonderful walks.

I am not sure why I am admitting my indiscretion now.  Perhaps it is because I was just there last week and had (another) wonderful visit.  Perhaps it is because of hurricane Sandy that just caused so much devastation.  Or perhaps, it is because I realize I want to feel about DC how I feel about NYC…or how I felt about LA.  I want to know the cool, new restaurant to recommend, or the amazing 6-mile run that will leave me feeling invigorated.    I am supposed to write a blog about staying fit in a city I realized I know very little about.  So I have a challenge for you fit DC’ers – make me love DC.  Where do you love to go?  What is your favorite cheese shop or place to get fresh fish?  Where do you go for a glass of wine that you know the bartender will be awesome and the wine will be fantastic?  Yoga? Fun storytelling event or free gallery opening?  Where do you like to go?  What do you like to do?

It is easy to cheat.  It is easy to run away and hide in a safe place.  But I am here.  So let’s go DC.  Show me what you got!





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