FITmama: workout?

I used to get this question a lot from my mom clients…. “How do I workout when I have no time?”  I’d ask, “What do you mean you have no time….” I never understood this dilemma until it became my problem too! My only“ME” time these days consists of a quick 15min shower (if I’m lucky), driving in the car to clients (mama’s new quiet time) and one to two hours after dinner– maybe.  A workout is the last thing on my mind at night as I try to answer all my emails from the day, cook, clean, eat, schedule, write, read, and talk to my husband… I’m out of breath just writing it all down.  So instead of exercising—I take advice from my cousin (mom of two): “And that is why mommy drinks!” AMEN!  It’s only one glass of wine… moderation remember (I’m still making up for 9 months)!

So I started with my own advice:  just like the calories you eat all day add up— so do your exercises.  My challenge is to get in 10mins of exercise at a time and aim for three times a day (yes 30mins- for my fellow sleep deprived mamas).  I start with my leg workout for 10mins in the morning with lunges, squats, and plies as Jack plays in his crib and I go around picking up and doing laundry while singing the ABC’s.  My second 10mins is after lunch (Jack’s lunch, not mine — I’m still trying to drink the same cup of coffee from the morning). Jack lays on the floor under his play-yard, while I get in push-ups, dips, and side-planks as I throw Maggie’s (my 3yr old wheaten terrier) toys down the hall– that counts as arms too!  And finally, my last 10mins of AB exercises comes before bath-time. I start in plank while Jack practices his tummy time on the floor and sing Bob Marley– Jack’s favorite, followed by several leg lifts, pikes and boat poses.  Even though the exercises are fragmented; they all add up to a 30min workout. 

In the end, I’ve been struggling with my own guilt over taking an hour or two to myself for a yoga class or going for a run.  The idea of paying the nanny extra so I can workout seems crazy…. I’d rather run errands, grocery shop, clean, do work, and unfortunately put myself last.  However, I’m starting to realize that taking an hour for myself makes me a healthier & happier mama.  So the moral is I encourage all of you to grab your baby and workout with them throughout the day or take that time for yourself— you deserve it!!




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