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“G-BOMBS.”  What is this you ask?  Good question…(I didn’t know either).  Apparently “G-BOMBS” stands for the acronym:

G = Greens

B = Berries

O = Onions

M = Mushrooms

B = Beans

S = Seeds

According to many leading health experts in the field (and Melissa), they are our biggest defense against harm.  They are our “most powerful anti-cancer and anti-fat storing” foods and are essential for longevity.

Not being the healthiest eater in the world, Melissa challenged me to actually incorporate the aforementioned foods into my diet.  Challenge accepted!

…And then she said, “You’re supposed to eat ALL of them every day.”

Huh… I was under the impression that I should try to incorporate ONE of these foods per day throughout the week.  I mean there’s a food for 6 days of the week, and I get to take the 7th day off.  Like keeping the Sabbath or taking off Sundays during Lent? (Should I really be comparing these two things?)  No??  “No…” Melissa said.  So I decided to break it down.

“G”reens are easy…I usually eat some form of salad daily.

“B”erries are also easy.  I have a variety of colorful fruits every morning!

Maybe this won’t be so hard!

“O”nions = bad breath.  Not happening.

“M”ushrooms = weird texture. Maybe 4 out of 6 will be ok!

 “B”eans…uh-oh.  I swear my boyfriend and I almost broke up over beans (long story…)

“S”eeds.  Never really thought about them, but I definitely don’t hate them, so great.  I will eat seeds every day.

Melissa pointed out that the challenge was not to add more of what I already eat, but add new things I don’t eat to my diet.  “Let’s start small,” she said.  “Choose one first.”

Always one to be up for a challenge I took on the beans – the hardest one in my book.

Turns out it was easier to accept the challenge than to do anything about it.  I avoided it completely (even though I was faced with beans almost daily – who knew they were so readily available?), until days before I had to write this blog. Frankly, I was willing to admit defeat when  I was in my kitchen, putting together a salad, and I remembered the chickpeas my mother bought for me about 3 months ago  intending for me to eat healthier. (Why does she keep popping up in my blog entries, coming to the rescue?)  Begrudgingly, I added half the can to my salad, and…I ate it.  And then the next day, I did it again with the remaining half of my can!  And frankly, it wasn’t that bad…

So I tried a recipe my aunt used to make at parties (with beans) that everyone always raved about and I avoided like the plague. (recipe to follow…)

Turns out my aunt is the real hero of this story because this recipe was DELICIOUS! And it had onions in it, too??  Score!

Turns out, I don’t have to love ALL beans, just some.  There is definitely a life lesson in here – open up your mind to new opportunities and you may find something good.

Just don’t remind Melissa about the “M” in “G-BOMBS”, ok?

Cinda’s Texas Caviar Recipe

3/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar or balsimic vinegar

1 cloves garlic, minced

1/3 cup chopped red onion

1/2 cup chopped celery

1 or 2 chopped red bell pepper

1 or 2 chopped green bell pepper

A couple shakes of cilantro

1 teaspoon black pepper

2 to 3 shakes hot red pepper sauce

1 can white corn

2 cans black eyed peas, drained and rinsed well

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed well

Mix oil, vinegar and garlic together (and I also throw in a splash of Italian dressing). Then mix all the other goodies together. Don’t pay attention to the exact amount of veggies (or anything, for that matter) … the more… the better!  If you have fresh tomatoes around, chop and throw them in too. Everything in this recipe is good for you… enjoy!

Serve by itself as a side dish or as an appetizer dip with multigrain tortilla chips.




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