FITmama: wanna race

After having little Jack, I needed extra motivation to force myself to workout.  No longer did I have the leisure to drop-in for a yoga class or enjoy a barre class in the middle of the afternoon.  Somedays I wonder what my pre-baby self did with all my time… My typical morning starts at 5:30am with feeding Jack, then taking the dog out, cleaning dishes, throwing in the laundry, making coffee (A MUST!), getting myself ready, and finally pumping for the nanny all before 7:30am.  The thought of going for a run seemed crazy, impossible, and not important on my endless to-do list.  As a trainer, I know first hand about accountability, so I needed to take my own advice and make a commitment.  The result- I signed my husband and I up for the National Capital 5-Mile Race.

The hardest part was actually making myself run, because it is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  I would schedule the nanny to come early or stay late so I could train and just run for 3 miles (although I REALLY wanted to just go a take a nap).  I never got in 5 miles before the race, so I hoped that adrenaline and the other runners would push me to the 5-mile mark.  The night before the race we had scheduled my parents to stay over and babysit so we could run.  Jack apparently wanted to test us, so we were up for most of the night, along with two barking dogs, and my parents coming in at 2am after a party (it’s funny how the tables have turned!). Let’s just say my husband, Michael, was not too pleased with me in the morning when 5am rolled around and we were both exhausted and dreading this race.  Now, I’m not a seasoned runner and have never run a race, so I’ll admit I was NERVOUS.  In my mind, I had imagined hundreds of people running through the streets and people cheering on the sidelines, however, that wasn’t the case.   There were only 9 runners (including my husband and me) and everyone else was a “REAL” runner.  The race was on the C&O canal, so instead of crowds of screaming people there was a quiet breeze from the trees, and a layer of fog surrounding us on the empty trail.  The shot goes off and the other runners sprinted ahead and we were left running by ourselves on the quiet, chilly, dirt path.  The real challenge was getting to the race, but once we were there it felt great to finally run!  We didn’t finish first (obviously!) or last (thank god!), but what matters is that we did it!  I conquered my fear of running in a race, and now am looking for my next event….

Tri-athalon anyone??




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