FITfriends: wannabeFIT

Hi all!

I’m Monica and I so desperately want to be FIT. I say desperately because this is a desire I’ve had for a while now (you know, that picture-perfect ideal image of what you would look & feel like if you exercised on a “regular” basis and ate those healthy foods you hear people talking about all the time).  I’ve had this image in the back of my mind for a few years now but I’m FINALLY going to attempt to do something about it!  I say attempt because I don’t know how it is going to go. Frankly, the most exercise I’ve actively engaged in throughout my life was doing the walking-sprint to class in college when I was (as usual) running 5 minutes late.  Nowadays I can’t even do this because I drive everywhere. And I am starting to think that the walk across the parking lot is not cutting it!

In light of all this, Melissa and Liz have challenged me to think outside the box and take control of my overall health. That’s right–body AND mind. This is going to be a double-whammy! Right now I’m not even sure which one is going to take more work! I will be writing from time to time about my experiences with each challenge because I want you all to know you are not alone! (Or maybe because I want to know that I’m not alone!) Melissa and Liz make it sound so easy but I know it’s not. So I hope you look forward to my posts and join me on some of my challenges! First up: Exercise class…tune in as hilarity ensues during my first exercise class…EVER!



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